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Welcome to the Revolution in Professional Development

Hello! My name is Randy Jackson.


I am a recently retired, 31-year Texas high school coaching veteran.  I would rather read a book, watch a clinic on YouTube, or a class online than watch something on television.


My heart is to teach and mentor.

My cup gets filled when I get feedback from a coach that has had success using a tactic from one of my books, leadership resources, or the Fast N Wide offense.

I recently joined a non-coaching mastermind group to help me improve.  This group is made up of entrepreneurs, real estate investors, doctors, podcast hosts, etc.

Although I have very little in common with them professionally, we share the same DNA - we are all on a mission of self-improvement. 

We all want to BECOME MORE.

Being around these elite people inspired me to begin a mastermind group for coaches. It is called the ELITE COACHES' MASTERMIND.

The ECMM is a revolution for coaches who want to be coached!  It is a community from all across the U.S. at every level of their career. Some of our members are all-star head coaches who are on a journey of improvement, but will also genuinely help mentor others.  I serve each member and 'walk in front' as best I can in an effort to help each BECOME MORE.

Previous Speakers

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Stephen Mackey

CEO of 2Words Character Curriculum


Bill Snyder, Kansas State

Architect of one of the greatest turn arounds in history


Brian Kight, Focus 3

Author of "The Daily Discipline"


Upcoming Speakers

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Mike Neighbors

August 22

Head Coach, University of Arkansas Women's Basketball

176 - 91 Career record

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Sherri Cole

Sept. 5

Retired Oklahoma University Women's Basketball Coach


Women's Basketball Hall of Fame

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Howard Behar

Sept. 15

Former President of Starbucks

Author, 'It's Not About The Coffee'

Speaker and Advisor to Fortune 500 Companies

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Rob Gilbert, Sports Psychologist

Logan Colafrancesco
Asst. Coach, Alabama

Phil Blue
Abilene, TX

Keith Allen
West Palm Beach, FL

Incredible guest tonight. You were great too! This is THE GREATEST COACHING CLASS EVER. Thanks so much!

I've never gone away after a MM zoom saying I didn't get better today.

An amazing, cost-effective solution to get all my coaches 'coached up'.

The ECMM is a special fraternity of coaches who are on a mission to get better.