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Frequently asked questions

What is Elite Coaches Mastermind?

The Elite Coaches Mastermind is a way for coaches to receive coaching. All too often, coaches are left to their own devices to develop leadership skills, gain insights, and develop wisdom. Coaches are reluctant to share information with one another lest they lose a competitive advantage. Therefore, coaches are left with no way to gain new leadership skills so stagnation occurs and frustration abounds. Elite Coaches Mastermind is a way for coaches from any sport to hear from some of the top coaches in the country. In doing so, leadership skills can grow, wisdom can be gain, mistakes can be avoided, and coaching can improve.

What does it cost?

Elite Coaches Mastermind is an annual subscription whereby you get unlimited access to all 75+ episodes for one fee. Individual pay $499 for the annual subscription, but districts can pay as low as $999 to provide access to the entire coaching staff from the district. Check the full pricing on the homepage.

What is a typical Mastermind class like?

A typical class is as follows:
6:30pm CST: Check-in with all Mastermind members having an opportunity to share success stories, recent challenges, etc. Next, we will have a 'podcast-like' discussion with an elite speaker for approximately 30-45 minutes. After the speaker finishes, Mastermind members can now ask questions to the speaker Nest, groups of 5 to 7 Mastermind members go to virtual "Breakout Rooms" and discuss key takeaways from the keynote speaker At around 7:45pm CST, members gather to close the session